This Homegrown Artisanal Bakery Makes The Best Sourdough Bread We've Had


Sourdough bread is the most healthy and nutritious bread you could ever get your hands on – and we’ve found *just* the bakery for it. Started and run by Chef Akshay Kering, The Artisanal Baking Co. makes each of their loaves by hand – a careful craft, that’s even considered an art in some parts of the world.

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Started in November 2017, The Artisanal Baking Co. produces a new and unique flavour of sourdough bread every week, which you can order by subscription. The Artisanal Baking Co. make all their breads with the basics: flour, water, and salt. There are no preservatives, additives, or artificial flavours used. They use locally-milled flour, and all-natural ingredients – sourced locally as well.

Each loaf of bread is unique – from the crunch of the crust {the trademark of a good baker} to the aerated crumb; it’s rustic, super nutritious, and delicious! We sampled four types: a fig, fennel, and buckwheat sourdough; ‘Pain au Levain’ – traditional French sourdough; pumpkin seed and flax seed sourdough, and a finger millet {nachani} sourdough. Though all were delightful, the dark horse was their fig and fennel sourdough – a combination we never thought we’d like, but instantly loved. Sourdough can be eaten plain, toasted with butter, and even used for making a sandwich. It must be stored in an air-tight container and can last in the fridge for up to a week – or in the freezer for even longer.

With each week’s loaf, you’ll get a little intro-card with info about its ingredients, health benefits, and even suggestions on how to use the bread – which we found both useful, and endearing. Subscribers get a fresh new loaf every week, either in full {800g} or half {400g} size. It’ll cost you INR 800 per month {4 weeks} for full-size loaves, and INR 500 for half-sized ones. If you want to buy an individual or extra loaf, you must inform them at least two days beforehand, since it takes around 24-72 hrs to develop a dough. Sourdough bread

Anything Else?

It’s healthy, dense, and seriously tasty in a way that processed bread just isn’t. If you’re still unsure and would like to try a sample loaf, you can request one on prior order {INR 200 for a full loaf, INR 125 for half}. They also make sourdough Ciabatta and baguettes – on large-scale orders only. The Artisanal Baking Co. doesn’t have a retail outlet in Pune yet {though they do retail via Plenty in Fort, Mumbai} but if you want to pop into their working bakery, you can – just be sure to give them an hour’s notice beforehand.


Ask for their special diabetic subscription loaves – made with emmer wheat {native to Maharashtra}. Emmer wheat {aka Faro} has proven health benefits and is recommended for people living with diabetes.