New To Pune? Here Are 7 Ways You Can Make A New Bestie

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Whether you are an extremely social person or a reserved soul, moving to a new city is always challenging. What's even more difficult is finding the kind of people you want to hang out with. But fret not, Pune city offers lots of exciting ways you can make new pals. From open-mic nights, pottery classes, heritage walks, and more, check out our list of how to find a new bae or best friend in Pune.

Pottery Classes

If you're a creative soul who loves creating art in your free time, we highly suggest you take weekend pottery classes. It's a great way to meet fellow art enthusiasts while immersing yourself in clay, glaze, and creativity. We hear that The Modern Clay Studio in Kondhwa is a perfect spot to do all that and offers short- and long-term workshops, depending on your skills and availability. It is the place to find cool and creative people.

Movie Nights

If you're a movie buff who can go on for hours talking about your favourite films, then Sunset Cinema Club is where you'll find your gang. Pune's first and only open-air cinema club is where movie maniacs hang out regularly. We suggest you join the club with a yearly membership that allows you access to unlimited movies throughout the year and exclusive members-only screenings where all the film enthusiasts gather to share their favourites. 

Heritage Walks

If you're new to Pune, heritage walks are a great way to learn about the culture, traditions, and history of the vibrant city. They're also the best way to find other newcomers in town looking for like-minded people. We highly recommend you sign up for the Pune Heritage Walk conducted by the Municipal Corporation and Janwani NGO. Every weekend, the group meets up in old town to explore historical spots in the city. By the end, we bet you'll not only learn more about Pune but also make some new friends.

Pub Hopping

If your ideal weekend plan is exploring new restaurants and bars in town, Pune won't disappoint. Not only is it a great way to meet new people but also to discover the city through its cuisine. Neighbourhoods like Koregaon Park, Camp, and Balewadi High Street are lined up with exciting bars right next to each other, so you can pub hop efficiently. And if you're feeling too shy to go alone, check out Easy Does It, a homegrown organiser that curates pub crawls in party buses regularly.

Cook Alongs

If you've always wanted to learn how to cook delicious meals but never had time, this is your chance to do so. It is a good skill to have when living alone in a new city, and it is a great way to meet like-minded folks in town. Check out Aragma at Boat Club Road, which hosts chef-assisted cook-alongs where you can learn to make a three-course meal with fellow foodies in town. Whether you want to learn a pasta recipe or meet creative souls, Aragma will help you with both.

Open Mic Nights

Pune is a hub for numerous things. And because of several media schools and other establishments, there has been a surge of artistic hubs in the city like The Box. If you are one of these creative minds who wants to meet like-minded people, you need to attend Kasa Kai Pune's Open Mic Nights, where singers, storytellers, and stand-up comedians gather to share their raw talent. Not only do you get to interact with several creative people, but you will also get to explore several new places as well.

Game Nights

If you're looking for new buddies who love drinking cold beers and playing exciting games, we highly recommend you check out Swig Bar & Eatery at Koregaon Park. Also known as the happiest bar in town, Swig is the perfect spot to meet fellow gamers in town over a battle of foosball, trivia night, beer pongs, and many more. We love their pocket-friendly rates and the line-up of indie music artists performing on weekends.