This New Cafe Serves Pav Bhaji & Butter Chicken In Hungarian Cones

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There's a new eatery in town and it serves authentic Hungarian chimney cones and cakes. Kurtosshhh, located in Bavdhan is all set to welcome city gourmands who want to pamper their taste-buds with Indo-Hungarian delicacies. 

What Makes It Awesome?

Nestled in Bavdhan, Kurtosshhh cafe specialises in authentic Hungarian Cuisine. We tried the traditional chimney cakes known as Kurtosh as well as savoury Hungarian cones. Traditionally sweet, these cones have been given a savoury twist to suit the Indian taste-buds. Love spice? They have buttery pav-bhaji, paneer makhani or butter-chicken in kurtosh cones as well.

We absolutely loved the Italian Veg Hungarian cone which was oozing with the goodness of cheese and exotic Italian-herb veggies. For desserts, we ordered the all-star sweet fills, which was a Kurtosh (chimney cake) filled with vanilla ice cream, syrup, banana and jaggery.

We give brownie points to the chefs for using the traditional charcoal grills to bake instead of modern ovens. If you are looking for a place to grab a bite for under INR 200, this is a place to go.

The place is tiny but beautifully done up. There is also an Indo-European sit-down arrangement upstairs where you can relax with your gang with Kurtosh. Since Hungarian food is bread-based and heavy, we suggest you try out their coffee, ice-teas and shakes with them. 

What Could Be Better?

We loved their chimney cakes and hope that in the coming days, they add many more authentic Hungarian delicacies like Palacsinta, Langos, stews and soups etc.


The place serves complimentary Hungarian ring cakes drizzled with syrup with every order of coffee.


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