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Indrani Orange Facial Kit

Veg Peel - 300gm

Veg Peel - 300gm


Sick of those chemical-laden toxic beauty products, you must try Indrani Cosmetics. Their products are natural, organic and cruelty-free. No, it is not some newly launched brand but a well-known and thriving company for the last 27 years, known for manufacturing one of the best cosmetics. It is a complete make in India, based in Pune city of Maharashtra. Though it is my first time trying their products, I am already in love with them. They have products for all type of skin issues such as hair care, anti-acne, skin tightening, spa, skin glow, hydrating skin, and various amazing facial kits. My personal favourites from Indrani Cosmetics are Veg Peel, Facial Kits, and Anti-acne gel.

Veg Peel: It acts as an exfoliator for skin removing the dead cells and makes your skin feel fresh. And, you know what I love most about this Veg Peel that is made of all organic products - Toor dal flour, Masoor dal flour, Moong dal flour, Yeast, Sodium Methyl Paraben, Sodium Propyl Paraben and Rice flour. Pretty amazing right. It is a peel but it comes in powdered form. All you need to do is just mix it with water or milk to make the paste and apply it all over your face. Once it is dry, just wash it off massaging in a circular motion.

Orange Facial Kit: I tried this Orange Facial Kit from Indrani Cosmetics today and I just can’t stop touching my face with the after effect. Oranges are anyways full of vitamin C and the fragrance makes me feel so fresh. The best part about the products in this facial kit is they feel so gentle on your skin and gives you a refreshing and glowing after effect. It helps in removing blackheads, hydrates and prevent your skin from ageing and brings a natural glow on your face. It is a must-try

Anti-Acne Gel: When it comes to acne, I don’t really like to experiment much as I have sensitive skin but since Indrani Cosmetics use very fewer chemicals, I thought of trying their anti-acne gel which is made from neem and salicylic acid that removes acne quite effectively. I apply it mostly at night and fash my face in the morning. It kind of calms down your skin too. Surprisingly, after a long time, I found a homegrown brand that is not only easy on the pocket but offers pretty amazing and premium quality products for all types of skin. What could be better? Maybe they can work on their packaging a bit, rest all is fabulous.

Pro-Tip You can easily order their products online from Amazon or their site itself. I would suggest you order from their site so


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