5 Reasons Why Kekiz Is Every Punekar’s Favourite Cake Shop

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If you are bored of the mundane cakes of black forest, truffle, white forest, butterscotch and the others, Kekiz has a solution.The brainchild of Mrs. Swati Waidande, Kekiz is gaining a lot of popularity since its commencement. With over 650 variants of cakes, this cake store is winning hearts one cake at a time. And here’s why Punekars are loving it so much.

Awesome Taste

Kekiz’s baked products have been able to satiate the sweet tooth of all of their customers. Their light and spongy cakes topped with rich and perfectly sweetened cream, cannot be resisted. The bakery also has a number of flavours available. The best part is that they always have a stock of fresh cakes, which means there is no compromise on taste.


Kekiz is located at 150 locations across the city. They are also rapidly expanding in the state of Maharashtra and are soon going to go national with their outlets. The bakery is also a favourite among people from all social backgrounds.

The Variety

Kekiz has over 650 types of cakes which they manufacture. The bakery has generic cakes such as black forest, fruit cakes, choco chip, Dutch chocolate and other types. If you are looking for something out of the regular cake box, Kekiz also does custom made cakes according to your needs.

Cost Efficient

The prices are pretty cheap as well. The cost of a pastry is INR 25 and a half kg cake will set you back INR 300, while one kg will cost you INR 600. The customised cakes starts at INR 350 for half kg and goes upwards depending upon the design a well as the quantity you need.

Excellent Service

Breaking the stereotypes around Pune brands, Kekiz is serving its customers with a warm smile. Enter any location clueless, and the staff will help you out. Living up to their word, Kekiz is actually putting customer satisfaction above everything else. 


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