Kombucha, Kefir & More: Check Out These Healthy Drink Options, Starting At INR 60

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Last week we brought you LBB’s Guide to eating healthy in Pune, and this week we’re here to talk about nutritious drinks! Fermentation, cold-pressed, and sparkling – here are 5 ways to drink healthy in Pune.

Gut Instincts' DIY Kefir Milk

Rich in pro-biotics, kefir is milk that has been fermented for 12-18hrs using a bacterial culture aka kefir ‘grains’. Mugdha Pradhan started experimenting with kefir on her own in Toronto last year, before moving back to India. She saw amazing health benefits on her own body through drinking kefir milk, and so decided to share and spread the joy through a subscription-based service of her brand ‘Gut Instincts’.

Now that the brand is scaling up into a functional nutrition center, Mugdha has been teaching people to DIY their own kefir milk at home. It’s relatively easy; you can buy the kefir grains from her {5g for INR 2500} and she will provide you with instruction on how to grow and maintain it. If taken care of, the culture can last you an infinite amount of time as a permanent source of pro-biotics for you and your family. It’s excellent for your gut, and even lactose intolerant people can drink it.

Mugdha also sells SCOBY {‘Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast’} cultures {5g for INR 2500} to make kombucha – a fermented tea drink. Each of the cultures can be bought from Mugdha and delivered across Pune, at an extra charge of INR 100.

Good Intake's Almond Milk

If you’d rather sip on plant-based milk, give Good Intake’s cold-pressed almond milk a try. Available in four flavours – classic unsweetened, raw cacao, matcha green tea latte and turmeric chai latte; they’re vegan all the way. Each 250ml bottle is priced at INR 185, but you can try a starter pack of all four flavours for just INR 380. Subscription plans are available on a weekly and monthly basis.
Good Intake promises that their nut milk is 100% natural, with no preservatives, no pasteurization, no artificial additions and no added sugar. There are plenty of health benefits, since almond milk is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, vitamin E and other minerals. If you’re lactose intolerant, diabetic, struggle with PCOS or weight loss, give this a shot. You can place your orders via the phone, upto a day before expected time of delivery.

Culture Colony's Kombucha

Two of Pune’s newest breweries – Moonshine Meadery and Great State Aleworks have put their heads together, and are experimenting with kombucha under the label ‘Culture Colony’. Kombucha is a fermented tea drink, made with SCOBY. Kombucha may taste slightly sweet or tart, depending on how long you ferment it for {usually 7-10 days}.

Vera Shrivastav of Moonshine Meadery has been working with different flavours for the brew – ginger and lemongrass, orange pulp, just ginger, and pineapple, to name a few. They’ve tried it out on an audience at an Organic Market, and were apply with the feedback. It’s pro-biotic  and can help aid and improve in digestion, but like any good thing – in moderation. Currently their 200ml bottles of booch are priced at INR 100, but you can avail a discount for bulk orders. Home delivery is possible for a minimum order of 4 bottles, at a slightly extra charge.

EDGE's Cold Pressed Juice

Started by the Pune Freshery Co. in 2016, Edge delivers cold-pressed juice right to your doorstep. Their single-flavour bottles start at Rs. 40, while juice blends can range from Rs. 60 to Rs. 160. Cold-pressed juices are high on live enzymes, which make them great for your body. Edge’s products are made with organic, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients.

It’s always fresh, with no added preservatives, gluten, or sugars; so you’re giving yourself a tasty energy boost without having to worry about those extra calories. They also offer a delish, dairy-free nut milk made with cashew, almonds, cinnamon, and dates. Read more about our experience with Edge juices here.

Good Juicery's Sparkling Fruit Juice

What’s life without a little sparkle in it, right? Good Juicery is an independent boutique enterprise built and based out of Pune, by a young and dedicated team. Made with 80% fruit juice and 20% carbonated filtered water, their juices do not have any added sugars, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

They believe in being different, and have taken their juice from small pop-ups in Pune to major restaurants across the country. We think they’re a great alternative to sugary sodas, and make a perfect accompaniment to food, mixed in cocktails, or even on their own. Good Juicery’s range of sparkling drinks come in four flavours: mandarin mango, pink guava, apple, and passion-fruit. You can buy directly off their website, or find them stocked at supermarkets and popular eateries.


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