This Baker Makes Different Varieties Of Artisanal Breads & Treats With Sourdough

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What Makes It Awesome

We found an exclusive home bakery/ bread boutique that specialises in healthy and artisanal breads. Ditch those breads with refined flour and yeast and instead, opt for fresh and healthy bakes from L'amour Artisanal Bakes. Everything is made using sourdough flour and locally-sourced produce. 

L'amour Artisanal Bakes was conceived by Lt. Amrita Sharma, a retired army officer, during the pandemic. After the demise of a loved one due to cancer in 2010, she started reading up a lot on the ill-effects of preservatives and did away with everything pre-packaged and unhealthy from her kitchen. A self-taught baker, she started making fresh bread using healthy alternatives at home that slowly caught everyone's eye. As a result, she came up with the idea of this venture and decided to sell her breads.

She specialises in sourdough bread and makes different kinds of it. The varieties include sourdough whole wheat seeded boule, rajgeera, bajra, ragi beetroot, and quinoa boule. Made using sourdough flour, you will also find desserts such as sourdough spiced apple cranberry swirl, sourdough cinnamon raisin rolls, sourdough choco-berry swirls, and a lot more. Her party-starter pack menu includes sourdough garlic herbed loaf, different kinds of sourdough focaccia, sourdough stromboli with yummy fillings. 

As of now, she delivers across Mumbai and also in Pune (on a pre-order basis only). To place your order or enquire, click on the enquiry button. 

Prices: The boules and savoury treats start at INR 265 while desserts start at INR 295.


If you are keen on eating clean, you can now easily bid adieu to oily and fried snacks and replace them with these plant-based options.

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