The 20 Inches, Larger Than Life Pizzas at At This Pizzeria Are Sure To Steal Your Heart

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What Did You Like?

One can not get enough of their pizza and yet barely manage to finish the twenty inch pizzas which are thin crust, loaded with cheese and adequate toppings, definitely value for money!

What Could Be Better?

Their service could be slightly faster, but the slow service {but hey, they’re making a 20″ pizza for you!} is compensated by the quality of food served. Freshly baked pizzas which leave you wanting for more.

Anything Else?

Maya the inhouse Labrador definitely reduces your wait time with her presence. It’s a win-win! Also, absolutely easy on the pocket, cost for two is INR 600/-.


Now that there are more branches, the crowd has distributed, but go on a weekday, and you should find place. You definitely need time to spend here since you’re about to experience a larger-than-life pizza!