The Big Fat Oreo & The Monstrous Nutella Pretzel Shakes At This Eatery Are To Die For

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We cannot get enough of monstrous chocolate freak shakes! Loaded with sinful toppings, cream and more, our hunt brought us to GeoBistro in Viman Nagar, that serves choco-based shakes to die for.

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If you’re at GeoBistro, we cannot miss their Oreo cookie shake and the Nutella pretzel shake.

Served in a twisted maragarita glass, the Oreo shake is an overload of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, crumbs and chocolate swirl, topped with an Oreo cookie. Priced at INR 350, this one is a must-try!

The presentation of Nutella pretzel shake is totally on point. Made of milk, chocolate ganache, vanilla ice cream and swirl, this drink is topped beautifully with crispy pretzel sticks at the brim of a stout dessert-wine glass. Relish this one for just INR 390.

So, We're Saying...

Apart from these two sinful drinks, GeoBistro is very well-known for its vegan dishes, sizzlers and pizzas.


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