Check out Petxi (Pet Taxi) for all your pet‘s transportation needs in Pune. Started in 2016 by animal welfare activist Priya Kailad and her husband Aditya Makharia, the service has been operational with modified AC sedans and XUVs – for stray animal rescues (starting at INR 14/km), and house pets (packages starting at INR 500). From emergency animal aid to chauffeured hostel drops, or vet visits, Petxi has you covered. Inter-city transfer services are possible to Gujarat, Goa, Bombay, Bangalore. You can even GPS track the Petxi via your smartphone. The drivers are trained in pet handling and animal first aid, so even if you can’t accompany your fur ball, rest assured they’re in good hands. Bonus points: they conduct their own catch-and-sterilise initiative on stray dogs with the help of dedicated volunteers and their staff. They’ve even rescued pigs! We’ve heard really good things, and think they’d be useful for all pet parents to keep on speed-dial. Contact +91-8806510101 for bookings.