From Daily Foods To Accessories: Get All Pet Supplies From This Store In Viman Nagar

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What Makes It Awesome?

All you proud pet parents, we found The MAD Pet Store in Viman Nagar for all the needs of your favourite child. 

Even if M.A.D. stands for Mad About Dogs, this pet store has a wide range of products for cats too. At M.A.D., you will find a number of things for your pet. You can get cute collar bells starting at INR 99. You can also get leashes, harnesses, food bowls, lice combs, brushes and much more for both cats and dogs.

Along with accessories, you will also get food such as everyday feeds of Pedigree and Mr. Whiskers in all sizes. At M.A.D., along with your regular food, you can also find beef jerky, chew sticks, treats of all shapes and sizes sold at MRP. 

At the M.A.D. pet store, you can also by a number of toys for your favourite family member. They have balls, squeaky toys, stuffed toys, rope balls and many other toys that keep your little one busy and entertained. The store also provides keychains with paw imprints on them for pet parents to carry with them. 

At this store we found a wide range of products for your pet’s hygiene. You can find shampoos, conditioners, soaps and deodorants starting from INR 199. Apart from these cosmetics, you can also find medicines such as shampoos for lice and ticks, nail cleaners and cutters among other things. 

What really caught our attention was collars with led lights that add a sass factor to your dogs stride. And, keeps your pet safe from moving vehicles while you're walking it at night. 


The store is planning to start a customised range of collars. So we advise you to keep an eye out for those.


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