We’ve Found The Perfect Date Spot In Pune & It Serves A Rose Latte

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What Makes It Awesome?

If you are asking your crush out after finally mustering that inner strength, take them to Cafe Madeline in Kothrud for a solid first impression. With amazing decor, good food and cute cupcakes, it’s winning hearts and will help you win one too. 

Located on Mayur Colony Road, Madeline is a beautiful, cute and elegant, Parisian-style cafe that serves some delicious food. However, apart from the food, they are widely catching fame for their desserts that don’t just look appealing to the eye, but actually taste really good. They have over 25 varieties in their desserts that are absolutely worth every bite.

Right from the moment you enter this cafe, there’s literally an air of sophistication that you can feel. Beautifully done walls, cozy chairs on the outside and cute plants kept in window sills, this place literally transports you to a Parisian cafe. The colour scheme used in this place, which is pink and white, add to the elegance of the place. The cafe is roomy and you could practically choose to sit anywhere. We were so confused that we hopped to the outdoor area and back in where the coffee bar is and finally settled for a table by the window. Another element adding to the luxury of this place is that they have super comfy velvet couches. 

The menu at Madeline varies; you will find dishes like Mexican chipotle bean salad, stacked lettuce Caesar salad (also available in chicken), avocado rose with beetroot hummus on whole wheat, herb chicken and cheese focaccia toasties, spaghetti aglio olio, pepperoncini with fresh garlic and olive. They also have acai bowls with them. In their beverage menu, you'll find coffees, activated charcoal latte with mint mocha, keto coffee, salted caramel coffee. They also have coffee made using nitro gun in flavours such as ginger grapefruit rosemary, cinnamon cold brew. They also have a number of flavoured teas along with iced teas. You will also find a large variety of milkshakes over here.

We tried their chicken penne alfredo in white sauce. The pasta, when it arrived, we thought wouldn’t be sufficient but boy! We were proven wrong. It was very creamy and a perfect blend of flavours. We also tried their acai smoothie bowl in banana and blueberry flavours. We loved its taste and it was also quite fulfilling. To wash it all down, we had a rose artisanal latte. The aroma itself of the latte was tempting and at the same time soothing. It also perfectly blended with the taste of coffee. Lastly for desserts, we had a coffee moose and it was literally the cherry on the cake. On an average, a meal for two would cost you INR 1,000. 


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