Get Your South Indian Breakfast Fix At This New Coffee House On DP Road

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There’s nothing better than warm idlis and hot filter coffee in the morning, don't you think? Madras Coffee House on D.P. road is the ideal place for when you’re craving hot idlis, dosas and what we believe is the ideal way to drink coffee (can anything ever beat filter kaapi?)

What Makes It Awesome?

Madras Coffee House is only two shops away from Vohuman Cafe. While the area is prime and busy, we’re also not surprised to find that most of the tables on the lower level are occupied. On the first storey, by the balcony, we find the ideal spot to get comfortable enough to tuck into hot dosas and idli. Most of the restaurant space is airy and the decor only holds simple wooden chairs and tables, with a painting on the wall. 

The menu is very basic. You have your podi idlis, aviyal, dosas, uttapams. Lunch specials include a variety of rice: lemon, tamarind, mint and more. And, the usual suspects like rasam, poori bhaji among others. As expected, the few unusual items aren’t available either because the restaurant is new or the ingredients aren’t in the pantry. So we decided to test the restaurant on its basics. 

We ate one of the better sambars here with our idli podi masala dosa, where the masala is served separately. And, we couldn’t stop dipping our dosa and idli into the tomato chutney. It’s one reason why we’ll go back to Madras Coffee House. The Guntur idli is your regular podi idli. But the idli is soft and podi is in the right quantity, so we’re a happy bunch. Obviously, we end the meal with some piping hot filter coffee.

A meal for two will cost you around INR 200. We’re hoping that our next trip will end up with us trying a lot more food. 

What Could Be Better?

We’d love to see a more confident and better-trained staff. Most servers were clueless about items on the menu. And, we’re hoping the next time we drop in, we get to sample the pesarattu and other rare items on the menu. 


Drop in for breakfast or for a quick, cheap lunch. The sambar and tomato chutney are worth taking the trip for. 


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