A One-Stop Destination For All Necessities: Check Out This Superstore In Pune

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What Makes It Awesome?

Now we know there is nothing exciting about a departmental store most of the times. It's always the same basic stuff for a higher price. Mahalaxmi Superstore in Koregaon Park however, prides itself in being one of the best supermarkets in town. This two storey departmental store is run by a family of brothers who are extremely friendly and bilingual. Yes, as it's located in Koregaon Park, the store has a lot of regulars who are foreigners. Therefore, the owners of this store have trained themselves over the year to speak good English.

Mahalaxmi is essentially a grocery store. You get all kinds of packaged food items, rice, lentils, flour, cold beverages, chocolates and much more. They also stock up on all different kinds of lighters, cigarette papers, cigarettes and cigars. Their collection of organic food is also very good. They have a range of nuts and grains, lentils, rice and body care items under their Organic section. Not just that, the reason why it's famous is for its stock of international brands. You can find a variety of cold beverages, cup noodles and other packaged foods for a very reasonable rate. 

What might look like a normal grocery store from the outside will surprise you once you go up to the second floor. On the top floor, they have shelves full of gift items and stationery. From all kinds of pens and notebooks to board games and skateboards! You can even buy table tennis rackets and tennis balls at this place. Weird but convenient right?

This store will not fail you if you are looking for a one stop destination to build a hamper!

Pro Tip

This store accepts all sorts of payment (the monetary kinds, of course). So if you don't want to carry cash, keep your cards or your UPI ids handy.