Enjoy The Authentic Maharashtrian Cuisines At This Awesome Outlet!

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The Deccan Spice is the newly opened restaurant, located on Fc Road, which specialises in their Vidharbha & Kolhapur style non-veg dishes. It's a small place accomodating approximately 40 people at a time. The ambience is pretty simple. They have an upper seating area as well. Their menu also includes various curries cooked in Solapur, Kolhapur and Konkani style. Many dishes were new to us and we were quite excited to try them.

What we hogged on-

1. Rawa fry Prawns- Fresh and juicy prawns were rawa fried and were cooked to perfection. They served with green mint chutney and ketchup. They were very delicious and a must-try here.

2. Tawa fry Surmai- Surmai was fresh and luscious. This Tawa fried Surmai was cooked well in a blend of spices. Though it was Tawa fried it was moist from inside and was soft.

3. Mutton Lonche (pickle)- We all have heard of mango/lemon/chilly pickle but meat pickle is something fascinating right! And with this excitement, we were eager to try it out. It's a Kolhapur special dish. Tender mutton chunks were cooked in a blend of Kolhapur flavourings, it was too good. The spice well as moderate and enjoyable.

4. Mutton Ukad- Western Maharashtra special Mutton Ukad is very simple at preparation as it is made with minimal ingredients. But when we talk about its benefits, it is highly nutritious and healthy.

simple preparation but is very nutritious and healthy. One sip and it comforts you. A perfect dish to start with before you devour on your meal.

5. Varhadi Chicken- Varhadi chicken is a curry from Vidharbha. Chicken cooked in various spices tasted too good. Also, the consistency was good. It was moderately spicy. Can relish it with bhakri of your choice or rice.

6. Solkadi- Nothing like sipping on solkadi when you're stuffing your mouth with non-veg food delicacy, haha :P

7. Gulabjamun with icecream- We ended our meal on a sweet note and had Gulab Jamun with butterscotch ice cream. It tasted so bomb. Butterscotch ice cream goes well with Gulab Jamun, Ahaaa

If you are a food enthusiast and love to try those lost (traditional) recipes of Maharashtra then do give this restaurant a try.


A food enthusiast duo from Pune on their way to explore the streets and restaurants of Pune 😋.