Love Seafood? Head To This New Restaurant In Kharadi For Mouth-Watering Fishy Delights

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Seafood fans, rejoice! We’ve got great news for you – the new kid on the block, ‘Masa Masa’ in Kharadi, is a seafood speciality restaurant, and from what we’ve heard – it’s something to write home about!

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Just over a month old, Masa Masa touts themselves as a fine dining seafood kitchen, and have quite an eclectic mix of dishes on the menu. North Indian, Konkani, and coastal Indian {Malabari, Goan style} dishes feature prominently, with a smattering of pan-Asian cuisine as well. We ignored the first half of their 21-page menu because it features the regular North Indian and Indo-Asian favourites {veg, chicken, mutton}, and head straight for the second half, which is packed full of mouth-watering seafood delicacies. The seafood ranges from small prawns, surmai, pomfret, halwa {black pomfret} and rawas {Indian salmon}, to crab, red snapper, clams, squid, and even a more unusual kind called ‘mududuse’ or ‘lady fish’. Choose from Indian preparation styles like tawa-fried, cooked in a tandoor, in a red/white sauce, or in a curry {Malwani, Mangalorean, Khandeshi, Goan, Maratha, Konkani – to name a few}, or go the pan-Asian route with butter-garlic, Schezwan, Thai-style, green sauce, Hunan-style, or golden-fried. Price for some of the dishes is decided ‘as per catch’ so be sure to ask when you order – it’ll be fresh, but you should know how much it’s going to cost you.

Anything Else?

Go for the classics – we’ve heard great things about their sol kadhi {a drink to start your meal with}, tawa pomfret/surmai, Malwani crab curry, butter-garlic prawns, and tandoori crab. A little fish told us they also boast wine-pairings to go with the seafood {though white wines pair best}, and serve other kinds of alcohol as well. Whether it’s a working lunch with your corporate buddies, or a lazy Sunday lunch with your fam – Masa Masa should be your next food destination.


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