Capture The Most Important Day Of Your Life: This Studio Will Take Care Of All Your Needs

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What Makes It Awesome?

When you talk about life milestones, wedding is surely on top of the list. It’s considered to be one of the most memorable days of one’s life. In this age of technology, wouldn’t it be a shame if you couldn’t capture and store these memories? Wedding photography has become a business now but there are only few who treat it with a human value to make the pictures and videos look as real as possible. Mavel Tov Studios is one such dedicated wedding photography team that adds a touch of their personality to their work. 

From pre-wedding shoots to wedding photography and everything that follows, if you want those moments captured, Mazel Tov studios takes care of it. Their photographers are passionate about their work and invest time in getting to know their clients. This is their USP that helps them bring a touch of reality to their pictures. Sourav Kumar Das is the head photographer who is very well-known among his peers and clients. You will only hear praises and love for SKD. His professionalism is clearly visible in his work.

Apart from photography, the studio also offers video production. They take care of a pre-wedding films according to the requirement. From music to locations, they can make arrangements for all at just a reasonable price. Not just that, they also create wedding websites if asked for starting at INR 10,000. The price packages for wedding photography and cinematography are mostly custom made according to the requirements of their clients. So if you are looking for a passionate wedding photographer, give Mazel Tov Studios a chance.