M.O.D Is Opening A New Outlet In Pune & Is Giving Away Free Donuts

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What Makes It Awesome

Mad Over Donuts is opening at The Pavillion Mall on December 2. And guess what is up for grabs? FREE DONUTS!

Here how this works: You get the 'golden ticket' if you're standing first in the queue. You can pick 12 doughnuts, and pay only for six, every week for the next three months.

If you're second in the queue, you get the same offer, however, it'll be valid for the next two months. Third in the queue? Don't worry. The bronze ticket will get you the offer for the next 30 days. Sounds like a deal?

Anything Else?

If you're standing anywhere between the 4th and the 100th person, you can pick 12 doughnuts and pay for six {limited up to two dozens only}.

Get a complimentary donut of your choice if you're standing between the 101st and the 200th person.

Former Features Writer, LBB