Up-Cycle Straps, Hand-Made Shoes & More: This Brand Is All For The Environment

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What Makes It Awesome?

When it comes to styling a look, our accessories play a very big part. More than the outfit, we are always confused about what jewellery to put on, what bag to carry and especially what shoes to wear. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have an option of experimenting with the same pair of shoes however we want?

Murtle is a fashion brand that believes in sustainability with an aim to keep you up to date with fashion trends without feeling guilty about harming the environment. The sandals (myrtles) are all hand-made and come with hand-embroidered, hand-painted and hand-stitched straps. This enables the brand to ensure that their development starts at the grass root level. The best part about the brand is that they up-cycle old products as well. If you have unused clothes or stained, distressed kurtis or shirts, the brand brings them to life by turning them into beautiful designer straps. These straps are detachable and come in several varieties. All you got to do is attach the one you like and go on.

Their prices start at as low as INR 1,400 for a set of strap and sole. If you want to buy straps separately, they will cost you approximately INR 200 and upwards. They have prints and designs for all occasions which is why it’s easy to just buy one sole and then stock up on different types of straps. Their collection caters to both male and female customers and you can directly shop from their website or shop on LBB.