Violin To Saxophone: Learn Just About Any Instrument At This Music Academy

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What Makes It Awesome?

You will never believe what a musical gem we came across. Hidden in the bustling Koregaon Park, The Music Box is an ultimate destination for those who want to learn to play musical instruments or take singing lessons. The best thing? All the sessions are one-on-one and not with a group. 

Piano, guitar, violin, drums, harmonica, saxophone- name any instruments,  and you can learn it in The Music Box. A premium performance arts and music academy situated in Koregaon Park, they teach you music in exclusive one-on-one sessions.

Team LBB visited the studio and was amazed by the variety of instruments the organisation had. The front door opened into a quirky looking reception which further led to different private cabins, each equipped with a certain type of instrument. There was a vocals cabin, a drum cabin, a violin/guitar studio and a piano one as well. The biggest attraction is that the institute has a grand piano which is an original piece with a leg stand.

You can take lessons for offbeat instruments such as saxophone, harmonica and other percussion instruments. For vocals, you can choose between western singing and Bollywood singing. Under the guidance of experts from the field, you can train yourself to become a musician as well. The students have the liberty to customise their classes and schedules. You can choose any instrument or vocals type for INR 800 per session which goes on for 45 min.

The centre has a beautiful outdoor seating space for those accompanying you whilst you are being trained. You can relax outside post your sessions and sip on a cuppa as well. You would be delighted to know that this beautiful space is also used up for combined jamming sessions which take place every once in a while.

For those who are staying in Hadapsar area, the academy has another branch in Amanora Town Centre. Both the centres have combined cultural recitals and functions where they invite famous artists who perform live. 

What Could Be Better?

We know that this institute offers quality teaching. However, we feel they should offer some student discounts as their fees is a little steep and can sometimes weigh heavy on the pockets of students who are willing to take up music but are on a budget.


This institute follows the syllabus of Trinity College of Music and students studying here are eligible to appear for Trinity exams amongst many other music exams. They will also help you apply. 


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