Check Out The Newest Outlet Of Surve's Pure Non Veg At Kharadi!

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Surve's - Pure NonVeg: I don't think that I have to tell you about them as every Punekar is well-known about Surve's pure non-veg. They are serves authentic Awesome non veg. They are spread across Pune and now they have opened a new branch at growing side of the City i.e. Kharadi.

This place is situated at Global Business Hub, behind the World Trade Center, Kharadi. The ambience is full of an epic interiors which will give you a monumental feel of some Palace. Its a huge, relaxing and taking care of hygiene and safety. I was invited here with my friends Moshezz, Supriya, Monjeeta, Sangram and Yugandhar. The hospitality from Surve bros was awesome, felt like you are with your family.

Now moving towards food, we tried various dishes and thalis. Let me start with the most Awesome dish i.e

* Chicken Tandoori:- Nowadays government have instructed everyone to maintain(keep a safe distance), but trust me this Tandoori is one of the best I have in Pune so keeping safe distance will be the worst decision here. The Chicken was fresh, well marinated and perfectly grilled. It was enough to make you drool.

* Mutton kharda and mutton Alani:- It gave me a western Maharashtrian touch. In mutton Kharda the mutton was marinated in green chillies and ginger-garlic paste which was giving a flavourful blast in mouth. Talking about Alani means Saltless and Of course we can't imagine food without salt but here yeah salt is really not necessary. Mutton Alani was having flavours without salt and was having that hint of spices which will give you a foodgasm.

* Mutton Kheema Ghotala:- My grandpa had told me a story about a Ghotala (SCAM) at his restaurant. One day accidentally his chef pour the egg into mutton Kheema and the Ghotala was born. The same thing goes on. So about Mutton Kheema ghotala, a perfect mixture of minced Mutton with egg and spices. A perfect dish to have it with Chapati/Bhakari/rice anything. It will give you a flavourful blast of Minced Mutton with egg and trust me the combination is mind-blowing.

* Chicken Biryani:- Well marinated chicken and well-cooked rice similar to Chicken Dum biryani. The taste was good but wasn't mind blowing, the balance between spices, chicken and rice was little bit missing.

* Special Mutton Thali :- It consist of Kheema vati, Mutton fry, mutton rassa, Alani soup, Chapati and Indrayani rice with dahi kanda costs about which seems a bit costly but considering taste and quality it's fine. Kheema was little bit watery and less in spices that's what I felt. Talking about Mutton fry then it was delicious and binding it with dahi Kanda gives you a nice flavourful blast.

This place is a nice option for a get-together with Friends, Families or with your loved ones. Ambience is calm and pleasant. Proper hygiene and safety is maintained. The food is delicious and mind blowing.


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