Alien Fries, Tandoori Mayo Corn & More: This Eatery Serves Over 30 Variants Of Fries

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Mumbai-based eatery, UFO Fries and Corn, has come to Pune and is serving over 30 varieties of mouthwatering fries at its Greek-themed outlet on Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk in FC Road.

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Ever tried imli cheese fries or alien fries? Well, now you can! Get your hands on UFO’s exotic range of fries, starting at INR 70, served in a long cone with a burst of toppings and sauces. We loved their Maggi fries and the barbecue pizza fries.

The alien fries is a heavy combination of deep-fried crunchy potatoes served with loads of cream cheese, jalapenos and chipotle sauce! Chocolate fanatics, you cannot miss their classic choco caramel fries for anything in the world.

What’s more? Give a desi twist to your fries and dig into the cone-full of makhani cheese fries! Jains, you’re not left out either! UFO has over 15 varieties of Jain-special fries, including the tandoori mayo, sweet chilli, thousand island and the Italian fries.

The restaurant also serves over 19 variants of corn and we cannot pick our favourite from the lot. But, we will highly recommend you try their Schezwan cheese corn, the sweet chilli cheese corn and the tandoori mayo corn.

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Fries and corn are our age-old faves. But at UFO’s, it’s a different deal altogether. So, tag the gang and get going already!


Don’t forget to try their burgers. We personally loved the thousand island burger.


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