Pratyusha posted on 12th January

Where's The Party Tonight? A Guide To The Top 10 Night Clubs In Pune

Ten-Second Takeaway

In the humdrum of life, when all of us need an occasional breather, a night to let ourselves go a little, break away from a desktop lifestyle, put on some dancing shoes and let the tension flow away with the beat. So if you’re looking for the best places to dance your heads off at, here are our top 10 picks!


If you’re a party animal, Mi-a-mi is the place to be! No questions asked. Housed in the JW Marriott, the vibe at this place is unbeatable which makes it our top pick if you want to let loose. They play some great commercial music, EDM, Bollywood hits and have a pretty big dance floor. The DJs never disappoint and we thought the staff was really professional and their service was impeccable.

Do keep in mind though that they usually only allow couples to the floor so do make a call before you take that cab!


Next on our list, is Penthouze, a bar and casual dining place located in Mundhwa. There’s a floor as well as a lounge, so if you’re looking to for a chill vibe, a refined crowd and some pretty interiors, do check this out. They have a really attractive bar and serve sheesha, and even if it’s a little on the expensive side, your sort-of-claustrophobic friends will totally love that it’s on a rooftop. We sure did!

Stonewater Grill

A fine dining restaurant with a great floor as well as a lounge, this is the place to go if you’re looking to pamper yourself for a night! The music will pump you up even on a blue day and the food will pamper your taste buds. The dance floor is open to air which makes it super in the kind of weather we’re having in the city right now. Again, Stonewater Grill is relatively highly priced but like we said, it’s worth the experience you’ll end up having! The classiness of the interiors, a refined crowd and a lovely ambience will keep you coming back here, like they did with us.


Located slightly ahead of the Westin Hotel, another popular Puneri haunt for a night of fun, Euriska has a cool vibe, azure lights and an impressive ambience that is probably among the best on offer in Pune. There is a very sincere effort to create a Greek experience that we really appreciate and the crowds are usually mature/corporate so if you’re looking for a chilled-out foot tapping sort of night, do check this place out. Also, on most weekends, the music makes a shift to the techno end of the spectrum that’ll surely make you groove to the mood.

Oak Lounge

Yet another haunt from Mudhwa makes the cut {we can’t help that it’s the most happening area in Pune to party}! Oak Lounge is relatively smaller than the others on this list, but don’t let that take away from its awesomeness. Do check this place out if you’re all into Western music, because they have great taste. It’s great for after-parties {open till 3-4am} and you’re sure to feel the bass and thump of the music in your heart. Remember though that they only allow couple entries so find a date and get grooving already. On weekends the place comes to life later in the night and you sure won’t feel like stopping.

Mix @36, Westin

Great for after parties, Mix @36 is usually open at least till 3 am so it’s perfect if you don’t want to put a curfew on your night of fun! An open to air lounge cum floor makes it great fun to be at on a breezy evening. As the sun goes down, the casual rooftop setting is the perfect distraction from the monotony of a timetable existence! It usually livens up later into the night after most other places in Mundhwa have closed down which makes a great halt when you’re bar hopping in the area and the DJ made sure we had a fun night! They have an extensive range of drinks and are known for their prompt service so if you’re willing to pay a little higher than usual in exchange for a memorable night out with your friends, give Mix @36 a shot!

Sin Envy Pride

Sin Envy Pride is a great place to spend your weekend! The thrill of the rooftop dancing experience is not lost on any of us, and if that interests you, don’t miss out on this place. We’re going to put this simply – the ambience is awesome, the view is awesome and on weekends, the music is awesome too! They also have Bollywood nights if the regular EDM and commercial/pop music just don’t do it for you like Govinda’s hits do! The nights here start a little slow but amp it up big time as the night goes along. Oh, and their customer service game is pretty on point.

1 Lounge and Restaurant

1 Lounge has a quite a few really cool gigs so do keep a tab on what they have lined up. And the place has a massive floor as well as an amphitheater so it’s great if you’re going with a big bunch of buddies. In terms of ambience, they have an open-to-air section, a private indoor section, a family section and a low volume section so there’s something for everyone, really. The DJ’s keep the place alive and pumping and music doesn’t get predictable or monotonous at any point. Like at Sin Envy Pride and a lot of other places in Pune, nights here start slowly too, but the lights draw you in and post 11:30pm – 12am is when the crowds come in and the party livens up! Because of the size, it’s great for corporate parties too.

Area 51

One of the better dance floors on that side of the city, the DJs usually play a lot of Bollywood which isn’t too common in Pune. The ambience is pretty electric and the dance floor is up and alive till the wee hours of the night, especially on Saturdays. Hit this club if you’re looking for some value for money clubbing especially if Bollywood music is your jam!

Coco Sushi & Bar

A swanky new entrant to the Pune nightlife scene, Coco is the classiest place on the block. Owner Kunal Mhaske {a popular Pune restaurateur with Penthouze and Raasta Café to his credit} wants to bring back the clubbing scene in Pune back to how it was 10 years ago, where people would find familiar faces in the crowd to catch up with and feel safe in the presence of, which is why Coco is membership based club {you can get a membership if an existing member recommends you}. On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays though, 4 non-members can tag along with a membership card holder for a cover charge. This is basically a way to filter out the crowd and deliver the finest experience to the patrons of Coco. The interiors are stunning and we know it’s just the beginning of the month, and you can afford to enjoy the night at this plush place, so don’t let it just pass you by. What are you waiting for, find a member or become one ASAP!