Yes, It's True: This Eatery Offers Guilt-Free Pizza & Chocolate Mousse


    What Makes It Awesome

    We bet your social media is flooded with pictures of tempting food. But remember, you're on a strict diet, all you can do is just watch. We suggest you hang on with your diet and goals because this place has got your macros.

    Located in Baner, Eat O Keto is a paradise for all you fitness freaks. Whoever said health and taste can't go along has obviously never been to this place. Even though it's a little store, the menu is high on options. The best part? All this comes at an affordable price, as low as INR 300 for two.

    If you're on a keto diet, you can opt for their Keto almond dosa and keto cookies. We highly recommend you to relish their stuffed chicken omelette

    Who in the world would think of a pizza as a healthy option? Guess what? Their exotic veg pizza is made of a thin crust flax base and topped with marinara sauce, cottage cheese and bell peppers. Why wait when it's totally healthy!

    In case you've forgotten what a good sugar rush is like, savour their chocolate mousse.

    Still doubting if all the meals are healthy? They serve all their meals as per a set calorie count which can even be checked out on the menu

    What Could Be Better

    We wish they offered seating for a larger group of buddies and so, we highly recommend you to take-away.

    How Much Did It Cost

    Under ₹500

    Best To Go With

    Big Group, Family