You Soon Won't Need Internet To Book An Uber in Pune

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What Makes It Awesome

There's good news! Uber is now launching some awesome features - Call to Ride, Request for a Guest and offline search. This is to ensure that customers who have low internet connectivity can also find transport. It would enable the users to book a ride even from a tablet or a laptop!

What is even cooler is that the 'Call to Ride' feature is being piloted in our very own city, Pune. All you'd now need to do is call a single phone number and enter a numeric code displayed on signage to help Uber identify your location. This would also cancel the process of a call between the rider and the driver! No more directions to be given!

The 'Request for a Guest' feature is to be launched in the next few weeks, where you can book a cab for someone else without the use of a smartphone.

Lastly, the offline search feature will enable users to search even in low network areas. This will be pushed with the help of data on the top most visited spots in the city. So booking a cab for Phoenix won't take you more than a few seconds anymore!

Anything Else?

We're super excited to try the 'Call to Ride' feature and hope that it'll be a smooth and easy process!

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