Style Your Home With Antiques From Odd & Unique In Kothrud

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What Makes It Awesome?

Antiques are any person’s weak point. At least for us, they are! The rustic, classy look that they offer always adds to the decor of your home. And not just limiting to home decor, Odd & Unique in Kothrud has one-of-its kind bottles, antique sharpeners, wall-hangings, cameras and more. The best part is the store has over 6000 records.

Started by a passionate collector, Parikshit Salunkhe, who has been collecting artefacts for a very long time. He tells us that throughout the country, he’s got a team of around 700 collectors and buyers. This enables him to collect the rarest and the best of antiques from all over the country. Along with collecting antiques, Salunkhe also makes some artefacts on his own and to an extent also does restoration.

The store is located on Karve Road under the Paud Road bridge. From the look of it, it will make you feel like you are at a small store in Goa. The exterior which looks like an old cottage is painted and has a number of clay artefacts hanging. The interiors of the store are stacked with a lot of pieces. There are shelves and cabinets which are literally overflowing with things. The best part is along with antiques, there are also a few new pieces in their stock. The store has so many pieces that people have to stand in a single line behind one another. Right from the ceiling to the floor, the entire store is completely packed. 

If you are a camera fanatic, you are for sure going to love this place. There are cameras such as bellow cameras, film polaroid, TLRs and more. Most of these cameras were bellos and polaroids. These cameras were priced at INR 5,000 and above. 

If you always imagined working on your book with the help of a typewriter, you have to check out this store’s collection. There are over 20 types of typewriter with them. Some of these are functional even today. You will find them in all kinds of sizes. These typewriters once polished are going to look really beautiful on your work desk. To add more things to your desk, you must check out their sharpener collection. There are pieces which don’t even look like sharpeners. We found shapes like a small grandfather clock, piano, air craft, and other. The prices for these sharpeners starts at INR 1,000. However, there are relatively very few pieces, so hurry up before it’s over.

The store’s major USP is their collection of over 6000 records of old movies and songs as well. If you are wondering where you are going to listen to them, you can take a look at their record player collection. These record players are priced at INR 6,000 and above and come with a six month’s warranty. You can also take a look at their radio set’s collection. They have radios dating back to 1939, which basically was the time when radios were introduced in India.

If you are looking for something to be a part of your home decor, you will find a number of pieces. We found really beautiful candle lamps not just from India, but also from Austria. These lamps are the age-old candle stands and are available in blue, green as well as red. There are also lamps which are made from clear glass. Along with these antique lamps, we also found lamps that were designed by Salunkhe himself. The prices for these lamps start at INR 2,000 and for the antique ones starts at INR 3,000.

Along with real antiques, there are also replicas available over here. You can completely rely on them if you ever wanted a replica made. We also found some really cool pocket watches. Even if they looked antique, they were replicas. There were also replicas of compasses, telescopes and much more.

There is literally everything for everyone over here. So go ahead and be a proud owner of an antique piece form this store.