Orchestrate Your Day To The Tune Of Flavoured Instant Coffee By Perfetto!

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Enjoy a variety of flavoured instant coffee by Perfetto as a hot latte, cold frappe or just simple black. Add sugar and milk as per taste! Nothing can be more  luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of great coffee from this brand,  isn't it?.

All the coffee flavours are smooth, velvet and aromatic in character. It is a blend of pure Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, processed and granulated to perfection to give the best aroma and taste. It is  crafted to offer the perfect blend of aromatic coffee beans and delectable flavours to transform an average cup of coffee. I had tried two flavours , and both had the right proportion of required flavour. Not too much or too little, just right, so we get a strong coffee as well. Since it's not a premix, it's much healthier as we can add milk and sugar to our liking.

You can enjoy the authentic taste of coffee in every sip. New and enhanced processes ensure that the fresh coffee aroma is preserved. All of Perfetto's coffees are sourced from Coorg and feature an Arabica and Robusta blend.  One can order from the Official Website and even LBB.


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