Skyline View & Tables By The Pool: Check Out This Gorgeous New Restaurant At Hinjewadi

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Adding to the ever-expanding Hinjewadi skyline, Over The Top is the newest bar and grill in town that you must check out now.

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Located at Radisson Blu, Over The Top {OTT} is a gorgeous poolside restaurant with plush open-air seating, soft lighting, live music and mouthwatering grub paired with sinful cocktails, the finest wines and popular liqueurs. The nine-page a la carte menu features a plethora of multi-cuisine delights made of healthy grains, seeds and meats.

For appetizers, we particularly loved their succulent bourbon baby pork ribs, cooked to perfection with smoked paprika, garlic and demerara sugar. With favourites like fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, soft shell prawn grill and lamb tacos on the menu, we’ve had a really difficult time deciding the main course. Albeit, we did find the chicken tangadi grill, marinated in fresh cream, quite scrumptious and belly-filling. When it came to desserts out here, we didn’t look beyond their decadent, melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate parfait with mixed berry compote.

The cocktail menu at OTT has something for everybody. We recommend you try the electric ice tea, a concoction of vodka, white rum, blue curacao and red bull. There was another drink which we loved, called the matka magic that was mildly sour and strong and had everything from whiskey to jalapeno, rosemary, cranberry juice and tea in it.

Anything Else?

We hear they will be hosting stand-up comedy every Thursdays, music gigs every Fridays and DJ nights every Saturdays!


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