This Gorgeous Place In Erandwane Is Your Next Date Spot!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Level 5 Bistro and Bar!
This beautiful place is located in Erandwane on the 5th floor of the building that's why the name suggests level 5. A beautiful place with awesome interior design and lightings. The atmosphere here at night is soo good and feels romantic, I would prefer visiting here again at night. The ambience is so beautiful and the service is also fast and proper. If you wanna have dinner then this is the perfect place where you should visit. Also, this place serves great choices of food. So many items you can try here which you cannot get anywhere else. So let's have a quick review of what we had.

Mocktails and shakes
1)Pina Strawberry Colada
2)Date and Tamarind Old Fashioned
3)Kokum and Kaffir Lime Mojito
4)Spicy Peru
5)Konkan Long Island Iced Tea
6)Chocolate, Caramel Popcorn Shake

Personally loved the chocolate caramel popcorn shake. The perfect taste of chocolate shake mixed with caramel and popcorn on the top. Spicy Peru had a perfect kick of spiciness which you can experience by having your first sip. Pina Strawberry Colada had a proper strawberry taste with small alcohol taste.

1)Fried Calamari: It was crunchy and tasted good. It tasted, even more, better with the dip served with it. Quantity is good and enough for 2 people.
2)Brocolli And Almonds Quiche: These were like small cup-shaped stuffed with broccoli and cheese. The taste was good.

1)Creamy Spinach: A best thin crust pizza with spinach stuffed in it. The one who is veg for them this is the best.
2)Spicy Chicken: The perfect thin crust pizza with small chicken pieces stuffed on it. It was crispy and tasted so good.

Small Bites
1)Kerala Pepper fry(Chicken): Had this dish for the first time and seriously loved the taste. You cannot get the taste anywhere like this.
2)Tempura Corn with ginger and wasabi mayo: It was so good and crunchy and you can experience a little taste of ginger.
3)Wok tossed paneer: The paneer was cooked properly and was soft and good taste.

1)Paneer Tikka Masala Buddha Bowl: It is a dish in which half-plate paneer gravy is served and the other half contains the rice.
2)Pork Chops: This looked so scary but the taste was mind-blowing. Had this for the first time and loved the taste.

1)Nutella Bombaloni: This dessert contained some amount of alcohol in it which you can experience having your first bite. Loads of Nutella filled in it.
you would love trying this one.
2)Tiramisu: This looked soo good and had an awesome taste.
3)Strawberry And Basil Icecream: This icecream you cannot get anywhere else. You have to visit this place to have this. Highly recommended to try this one.

Overall it an awesome place and I'm gonna visit this place soon to have the loved items again.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae

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