Give A Yummy Twist To Bland Food With Gourmet Condiments From These Homegrown Brands!

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What is a piece of toast without jam, a parantha without pickle, pasta without sauce, or a salad without dressing? Give a yummy twist to bland and boring food with gourmet products from these homegrown brands. From pickles to dips, spreads to jams, they are completely handmade and delicious. 

Ilka's - Homemade Jams

A combination of homesickness and fond memories of growing up on a farm led Ilka to start experimenting with jams. Inspired by traditional German recipes and her love for India, she started making her own flavour combinations. Adventure (organic strawberry with ginger and cinnamon), Paradise Lost (naturally grown alphonso mango with pineapple, coconut) and Forest Whisper (Indian raspberry with organic strawberry, natural vanilla bean) are among our favourites. Packed with 70% real (seasonal) fruit, organic khandsari sugar, with absolutely NO preservatives, artificial flavours or added colours, Ilka’s jams are absolutely delicious. Her ultimate goal is to go all-organic, keeping her jams as sustainable and locally sourced as possible. The jams go great with anything edible – from yogurt and cheese, to biscuits and cake; and make great wedding/birthday favours, too. Ilka’s jams are available in 100ml and 250ml jars, priced between INR 180 and INR 300 respectively. You can find them at several popular Cafes and stores around Pune, from Koregaon Park to Aundh.

K's Kitchen

K’s Kitchen is a gourmet food company; the brainchild of renowned food writer/gourmet guru Karen Anand’s sons Param and Sasha Anand. Having worked on the highly successful franchise of ‘Markets by Karen Anand’ among their other achievements, you can trust that this is the good stuff. K’s Kitchen makes a selection of sugar-free jams, a variety of sauces from schezwan to harissa (and of course plenty of pasta sauces), fruit conserves, delicious sandwich spreads, salad dressings, dips, and flavoured mustards (to name a few).

Each product is made from carefully selected ingredients, is 100% vegetarian, and has no artificial colours or flavours. Priced between INR 120– INR 175, you can find these jars on the shelves at local supermarkets in Pune, as well as online.

Baked - Handcrafted with Love

For your most indulgent moments, try Kriti Marwah’s salted caramel sauce, and chocolate fudge sauce. We think they’d be insanely good, drizzled over a warm brownie, or a scoop of vanilla ice cream (maybe even both). If you’re feeling more exprerimental, and would like a healthier option – try the chocolate hummus. It may sound like the weirdest combination ever, but we hear it's taste is pleasant and preferred by the diet-conscious. Encouraged by her family and friends, Kriti’s home-baking hobby snowballed into the venture that is now ‘Baked’. Each 150-200ml jar is priced at INR 150, and you can order via social media or over the phone. Since her kitchen is based in Kalyani Nagar, delivery is only possible to nearby areas and at the most, Camp. You can also collect them from her directly after placing the order.

Green Tokri

Supplying the freshest leafy greens, herbs, and veggies to Pune since 2001, Green Tokri is more than just greengrocers. Their sun-dried tomato pesto, Belgian Samurai mayonnaise, pickled jalapeños, peanut butter, and mustard dressing, among their range of pickles, salad dressings, and heat-and-eat sauces (all priced between INR 89 – INR 265) can turn any home-made meal into a gourmet feast. Simple, fresh, and delicious. You can register with them for home-delivery once a week, or pick up their products from retail outlets and supermarkets across Pune. They also have pre-packed salad bowls with their in-house dressing packets.

Amoeba's Homemade Pickles

Don’t be dissuaded by the name – Amoeba’s is a home and lifestyle brand that specialises in clothing for kids, as well as homemade achaars. Using 80% of ingredients from their own farms, no artificial preservatives, and age-old family recipes, their pickles are intensely flavourful and nostalgia-inducing.

Their selection of 9 pickles includes two kinds of chili (tangy green and Maharashtrian red), natural karela, sprouted methi seeds, homemade mahani root, Hyderabadi mango, homemade black lemon, tomato chutney, and a special dry fruits pickle. Tantalise your tastebuds with a jar or two – priced between INR 180 – INR 220 for 250ml.

Pashmin of Amoeba’s tells us that a jar should last between 4-5 months without refrigeration, or upto 1 year with refrigeration – provided you don’t leave it unopened or contaminated. Get yourself a jar or two from their store in Aundh, or buy them online.

Shashwat Organics

We found a homegrown food brand that sells organic produce and practices eco-friendly agriculture. With a huge farm amidst the Sahyadris in the Ovhale region of Pune, Shashwat Organics produces pure veggies, fruits, grains, spices, pickles, spreads, dairy products as well as sustainable lifestyle items. The brainchild of Vaishali and Vikram Bokey, this unique food and wellness boutique situated in Bavdhan is a one-stop destination for all things healthy and organic. Why opt for conventional sweets and clothes as gifts when you can give your loved ones organic hampers consisting of jams, pickles, spreads and more? You will love the fresh mango pickle starting at INR 200 that you can have with hot parathas. You will also find dry as well as liquid chutneys. Drop by the store or call them up to make your purchases.

Pushpita's North Eastern Gourmet Foods

Hailing from Tripura, Pushpita Aheibam has given the good old pickles and jams an organic and North Eastern twist. Her homegrown brand Pushpita's North Eastern Gourmet Products is making a buzz in the culinary world for its uniqueness, no-preservative content and delicious taste. Try fruity spreads, which are made using organic sugar rather than processed one. Even the fruit pulps are natural and extracted from healthy fruits. From blueberry to raspberry, mango to strawberry - you'll be spoilt for choice. Her jams and fresh fruits spreads start at INR 345 for 250 gm and are perfect for picky eaters and kids. The pickles are offbeat ranging from prawns pickles, olive pickles, bamboo shoot pickle to bhootjolakia pickle. If you are a non-vegetarian, we suggest you indulge in prawns as well as fish pickles. You can place an order via her social media or giving her a call.

The Skinny Dip Co

if you love dipping your food in yummy sauces and dips, then you'll love The Skinny Dip Co for its unique products. This brand has given a fresh and modern twist to authentic chutneys, fresh Greek yoghurt dips and mayo spreads. tarting at INR 225, this flavoured hummus is a fresh take on the classic one. Got tortilla chips? Opt for unique dips such as beet with Arabic spices, smoked aubergine or spinach-garlic. For mayo lovers, we suggest the lemon pepper mayo which has a zesty aftertaste. Get your hands on authentic tomato chutney which will make your bland dal chawal taste yummy. You can also opt for their pineapple-chilli chutney. You can give them a call, message on social media or WhatsApp them to place your orders. If you are lucky, you will find their stall at several pop-ups.

Tasha & Girl

Tasha & Girl

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We found a homegrown brand that boasts of 17 flavours of jams. We kid you not, Tasha & Girl are offering interesting combinations such as Figs and Lime Zest, Mangoes and Pepper! The servings are approximately 375 gms per jar while being priced at INR 375 a bottle. Try the Strawberries and Lavender flavour which is a very offbeat spread. To place your order, go on their official website, call them up or even DM on their social media.


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