5 Wardrobe Essentials We Found At Planet Fashion In Spot 18 Mall

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Men, women, boys and girls, there’s all kinds of clothing available at Spot 18’s Planet Fashion. Whether you need a party outfit or something traditional or even something to nail that interview, you will find something over here for sure. A huge store, Planet Fashion is on the ground floor at the mall’s entrance itself and fits all kinds of budget. To spare you from the trouble of choosing, here are five wardrobe essentials that you can find here. 

Casual Tees

It’s one of the most obvious that both genders must have in their wardrobes. A good casual t-shirt goes a long way. And you can get your hands on some really cool ones starting at INR 199. 

Formal Shirts

Plains, solids and stripes. Formal shirts are of utmost importance to make an ever lasting impact. Fortunately, Planet Fashion has a number of them for men as well as women starting at INR 500 only. 

One Pieces

An essential for women, one pieces are available here in abundance. You can find some bling pieces, summer dresses and various other styles starting at INR 1000. 


Low waists, high waists, mid waists and all other types, you can find all kinds of denims at Planet Fashion. They also have the latest styles with stripes at the side and the prices over here start at INR 800 only. 


Whether you need belts, wallets, handbags and a bunch of other accessories, they have got it all. The store also has some everyday useable pieces in jewellery such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a bunch of other things and the prices for them start at INR 100 only. 


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