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The Jack To Your Rose: We Found A Pune Artist Who Sketches Nude Portraits

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Prasad Dabhade

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What Makes It Awesome?

Always wanted to get yourself sketched but couldn't find the right artist? Prasad Dabhade a.k.a artsexual.

A Pune-based artist, Dabhade is self-taught and is a marvellous with the pencil and paper. He began his journey as an artist when he was about 10-years-old, but began pursuing it professionally in 2014. He tells us that he finds inspiration from a veteran artist Tom of Finland. Just like Tom focused more on the aesthetics of people from the European continent, Dabhade focuses a lot on Indian aesthetics.

Working from home on his skills, the artist accepts orders from his Instagram page. From his work, you'll know that he has a brilliant sense of human anatomy. His portraits are worth possessing and showing off in your living rooms.

Dabhade tells us that he is extremely passionate about sketching and thus doesn't charge too much. You can get a portrait made from him at just INR 700. The artist also does paintings. The prices for these paintings depend upon the size of the canvas and the hours he puts in.

Another speciality of Dabhade is that he also sketches nude portraits and has sketched a number of celebrities. If you're open to being sketched in the nude, it'll make for an intimate gift for your partner. If you intend to get a nude portrait, the conversation with Dabhade isn't an awkward one. In fact, he values such customers and doesn't charge extra and is also extremely professional.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000