Attention Punekars! Here's What Has Started In Non-Containment Zones Of The City

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The ongoing pandemic has decided the city into containment and non-containment zones. A containment zone, as defined by the Ministry of Health, are areas with a large number of COVID19 positive cases. You can take a look at this list of areas under PMC and PCMC and check whether the area you reside in falls under a non-containment zone or not. According to the Times of India, the non-containment zones will see many relaxations as compared to its counterpart. PMC Commissioner Shekhar Gaikwad has stated all non-essential businesses will be given a green signal and private offices can resume operations with a limited staff. While pharmacies, hospitals and grocery stores had always been there, here's what is open in non-containment areas other than the mentioned entities. 

Public Transportation Has Started

The lockdown restrictions are finally easing in Pune and while the public was allowed to hit the roads in their own cars/vehicles, now they can hail cabs and autos as well. According to CNT, this movement has a green signal only in the non-containment zones. Cab service providers such as UBER, OLA, etc are adhering to strict sanitisation guidelines. Even local autowallas are taking safety precautions.

Restaurants & Cafes Have Resumed Delivery

One sight that is pretty common on roads is that of delivery guys from food delivery apps and portals riding on their bikes. The majority of restaurants and cafes in non-containment zones have resumed operations and many have started parcel pick-up facilities as well.

Alcohol Shops

The news of the opening of alcohol shops spread like wildfire and within no time, we saw public throng alcohol shops to stock up! A lot of alcohol shops have opened their gates and some are delivering too! Check out our recommendation on places that are delivering to your doorstep.

Garages & Repair Shops

Want to get your two-wheeler serviced? Many garage owners have started opening their workshops and maintenance centers for fixed hours. A lot of repair centres for appliances and electronic gadgets have opened their doors as well. 

Hardware & Raw Material stores

The demand for hardware material is high and hence, almost all the hardware and manufacturing material stores have opened. Shops that supply material for construction such as bulk wood, paints, furniture, etc have opened too. 

Operation Of Private Offices

After having their employees work from home for almost three months, many private offices have opened their shutters and allowing 25-30 employees on their premises. This is applicable to only a handful of companies. 

Non-Essential Shops Are Open

Unlike before when only grocery stores and medical shops were open, lockdown 4 has given a green signal to several non-essential shops such as stationery stores, optical stores, general stores, food shops, boutiques, gift shops, and utensil shops etc. However, the operation timings differ from area to area. 


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