Quaint Cafe With Good Food & Drinks In Shivajinagar

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What Makes It Awesome?

Located in the bylanes of the model colony, Butter Brews Bistro is a saving grace in the area.

We've tried 3 things here, first being the basil slush. One of the most refreshing drinks you'd come across. It's not over the top sweet and the hit of basil is just right.
Next, the masala kala khatta. This is our absolute favourite. If you like kala khatta gola, you're going to love this! It's gola in a glass. Must try! We are big coffee lovers, our go-to drink here is the iced cold black brew! It wasn't on the menu initially but the staff is open to suggestions and kind enough to heed to your requirements.

In food, first up, Chicken Gurkha Bagel. So these guys specialize in bagels and they claim to make the best ones around Pune. Guess what? They live up to their game. It's yum. The potato complements the semi-spicy succulent chicken very well. The bagel is nice and crunchy and stays that way till the last bite. The caramelized onion adds a slightly sweetish kick to every bite. This is served with coriander cream! The cream is light and super delicious and compliments this bagel very well.

Next, the lamb kheema bagel. We practically finished this within 10 minutes of being served. Yes, it's that good. It's moderately spicy. The lamb is soft and has an amazing zing to it. As far as the bagel goes, they've mastered the art of nailing it each time.

We also tried the chicken sambal wrap. I expected this to be slightly spicier (it was definitely more spicy than the Gurkha bagel) but it's doable. None the less, it was extremely tasty too! The chicken cubes cooked in the spicy sambal sauce were delicious!

Our all-time favourite here is the chicken main that they serve. It's called the stuff grilled chicken! It's a chicken breast piece stuffed with mushrooms. Now the chicken is well seasoned with herbs. Their Harissa is amazing. It has this perfect punch of tang and a slight kick of spice. They serve this with sautéed veggies and mash/ rice. We've had it without either but we most definitely recommend to try their mash.

We still have to go back to try on some desserts. I'm sure that would happen soon enough.

They have a chill Bistro vibe going on. The fact that you can sit there and work without being disturbed gives it a 10. They have this good playlist going on at all times too.

Super staff, very helpful. They adhere to your needs immediately and are always open to suggestions.

Their quality of food is top-notch and their portions are enough for one person.

The place is moderately priced. For the quality and food they serve, you'd pay that amount too.

What Could Be Better?

Chicken Cafreal could have more authenticity to the recipe.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

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