Quarantine & Cook: 5 Profiles To Follow For Easy Recipes

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For all the foodies out there, we understand how it feels not being able to order food from your favourite places. But maybe this is the opportunity you were waiting for to try your hands in the kitchen. During this pandemic, get inside your kitchen and follow these profiles for fun quarantine cooking recipes:

Padma Laxmi

Padma Laxmi is the OG queen when it comes to Indian American cooking. She has been taking the world by storm with her food for years now and even a pandemic can't stop her from teaching us how to make delicious gourmet food at home. Follow her on Instagram and try your hands at one of her's recipes. 

Maria Goretti

If you want to try your hand at making pastry, bread and other delicious baked goods, we suggest you follow Maria right away. On her Instagram, she bakes something new everyday and explains step by step how you can bake them too! We absolute loved her recipe for sourdough and we suggest you take a look yourself.

Pooja Dhingra

Craving some desserts? Well we don't blame you, we too are missing them. Thanks to Pooja Dhingra though, you can try your hands at easy recipes for delicious desserts. Follow her on Instagram to see how she is utilising whatever she has at home to make simple yet scrumptious desserts.

Kabita Singh

With over 6.5 million followers on Youtube, Kabita is a successful YouTuber who has now started sharing her recipes on Instagram. From simple Indian dishes to some experimental ones, you can check out many options to try out. Her account is called Kabita's Kitchen.

Jamie Oliver

If you are looking to try international cuisines that are easy to cook, then Jamie Oliver is your man. This celebrated chef is posting several videos of some of his best dishes and some new ones on his Instagram daily. You should definitely try your hands at one of his recipes.