15,000 Collectibles & A War Zone: 5 Reasons To Visit Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum

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To understand the people, their culture, it is essential that we look into the history of the city. And what could be a better place to peek into the history of Pune than Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum on Bajirao Road, Shukrawar Peth. 

Majestic Architecture

There’s nothing better than taking a trip through a museum that’s got intricate carved archways in the lobbies, high ceilings with old and rare chandeliers and so many things which are jaw dropping!

The Textile Wing

From hand-fans {hath pankha}, Paithani sarees with real gold zaris to kurtas and robes worn by Kings and Queens of the bygone era, Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum has an entire wing dedicated to the changing fashion trends since almost the 15th century!

The War Zone

Swords, dand-pattas, arrows, spears, shield which were once used on battle fields and conquered greatness now adorn the galleries of the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum and leave the onlookers awestruck!

Over 15,000 Collectibles

The founder of the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum,  Dr. Dinkar G. Kelkar, travelled across the length and breath of the entire country to collect artifacts such as 14th century sculptures, rare armory, statues, jewellery, chariots and even doors. This museum offers a lot form almost every sphere of the society!

Mastani Mahal

At Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum, you’d find an entire wing that depicts the supposed living room of the original Mastani Mahal with cushions, chandeliers, bedding and more. 


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