Pick Up Your Favorite Gadgets From These Refurbished Electronic Stores Without Burning A Whole In Your Wallets

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Sometimes owning a brand new gadget can be really heavy on your pocket. We know, we know, it's hard being a millennial. So here is a list of 5 stores that are great for refurbished electronics:

Global Retails

This store in Vishrantwadi is a smartphone haven. You will find the latest iPhones to Samsung, oneplus and much more for half their rates. These smartphones are mostly second hand but in good condition and come with a warranty as well.

Primes and Zooms

If you are a photographer or into photography, you already know about Primes and Zooms. This store has been around for a long time and is the best for renting out cameras, lenses and other equipments. They also sell second hand lenses and camera equipment at very reasonable rates. They are always in good condition and you can get many options to choose from.

ACS Used Laptops

As the name suggests, ACS deals with refurbished desktops, laptops and other softwares. You can even exchange your old laptop for a new one here! Their prices are reasonable and if you are looking to sell your laptop, you will definitely get the correct  value for your product! 


CeX in Phoenix Market City has always been the go-to location for refurbished electronics. From smartphones to laptops, desktops, camera and even play station games and cds, you’ll find it all! The prices are always displayed with the product to help you make a choice but remember, they will not exchange or buy an old product without a bill. 

Vijay Sales

During some seasons, Vijay Sales puts up refurbished smartphones and other electronics on display. You can either go and exchange an old product or buy a new/refurbished product for a very reasonable rate. This offer only happens a few times during the year so keep an eye out.