Pouring Acrylic, Resin, Mosaic & More: This Artist Offers Arty Products

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Reshma Heda

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Love those Instagram videos where acrylic paint pours in rings to form patterns? Reshma Heda who goes by @rise_in_colours on Instagram makes products out of pouring art and a lot more.

What Makes It Awesome?

Reshma Heda, is a Pune-based dentist. Her passion and hobby has turned her into an artist. She mainly works with fluid paint and resin. And, her page is dominated with her work-in-progress shots. She’s pouring acrylic paint, creating waves like the sea and making pretty designs in the process.

You can pick up her island artwork, which is poured acrylic that looks like sea waves crashing on tiny islands in the water. Or shop for coasters, wall clocks and platters with designs formed out of poured art. DM her for prices as most vary on the size, the detailing you need and materials used. Most of her work starts at INR 500.

Her other styles of art are mostly found in paintings that you can purchase off her website, starting at INR 1,800. These will make for great abstract and modern art pieces to adorn your walls with.

Heda also conducts numerous workshops on quite a regular basis. She’s held several pouring acrylic workshops in the past and hopes to do more soon.

What Could Be Better?

We’d wish to see more home products.


Purchase Heda’s wall clocks, they’ll make for pretty art plus are functional.