We Meandered Down This Street In Kothrud & There’s So Much To Eat Here

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The otherwise residential neighbourhood, may not seem like a space where you could hangout much. The street near Karishma society is like a cafe gully, where you’ll find a range of different eats. While we are letting you know about only five of these eateries, there are still a lot more places to dig into.

Daisy Dozen by AK

Drop in for some boozy rum balls, a delicious walnut brownie or a dutch chocolate truffle pastry. For INR 100, you can get a slice and be on your merry way once your sweet tooth has been satisfied.

Chai Express

At this tea cafe you can get some chaat and chai to while away the evening. This tiny space has seating indoors and out and you can sip on your chai with some basil chilli cheese toast on the side, or keep things tangy with an SPDP.


With an outdoor seating that sets a romantic mood by night, Foodsmith serves an all-day breakfast and sizzlers. If you’re one who loves breakfast for dinner, order the cheese-shroom omelette or keep things interesting with a Hawaiian pork burger. On a breezy night, tuck into something warm, after all the place is popular for its sizzler plates. Perhaps the crumb fried cottage cheese for vegetarians and the jamaican jerk chicken for meat eaters, isn’t a bad idea. The restaurant also has a dedicated Thai menu.


If you swear by eggs to make any meal worthwhile, you obviously have to drop by Yolkshire. Dig hot parathas into kheema ghotala, or still to eggs-only with an eggs benedict. There are so many options that you’ll be spoilt for choice.


The doner kebab place serves doner kebab wraps, of course. But you can also dig into a schnitzel, a nachos meal bowl and more here. If you’re craving for flavourful meats and want to grab a quick lunch, a filling snack or a light dinner, Spitfire is ideal. 


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