These Local Salons Are Giving Us Major Nail Art Inspiration & Can Cost As Low As INR 200

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Why choose generic nail paint when you can groom them with unique, experimental and trendy nail art? For all those who wish to nail the flawless look, here are five places that do affordable nail art.

Nails and More

More those who think more is better, Nails and More provides you with a crazy number of nail art style and even crazier number of designs to chose from. If you still want more, you can always mix and match at their store. The more you want, the more you get. So, head out and explore a range of chrome, stone, 3D designs. They provide options for both gel polishing {INR 1000} and regular polishing {INR 500}. And if you wish to toast them the French style, just add INR 200 to your regular polish and INR 900 for the long lasting gel polish. They are functional all days of the week.

Nail Care Studio

For all those, who wish to think out of the box and paint out of the book, Nail Care Studio is the place for you. Open to try to new and different designs, even out of the catalogue, Nail Care Studio provides a customized experience to its customers. Needless to say, you can always refer to their extensive design range and get crazier, funkier or classier ideas for yourself. Regular polishing costs merely INR 300 while the gel one costs just INR 500. Groom them the French way in just INR 300 for regular polish and INR 800 for the gel one. Their sparkling Unicorn nail art is highly recommended. They are closed on Thursdays.

H2O, Hair to Order

If ambience matters equally to you as service does, head straight to H2O, Hair to Order. Giving priority to trending fashion, H2O provides you with what suits you the best. If you crazy and like to take risks, try asking them to give your nail a makeover they wish to, based on your preferences obviously, and see the magic unveil.  You can get a regular polish done within the range of INR 250- INR 350 and gel polish at INR 600. To French it up, it will cost you INR 250 for regular and INR 800 for Gel. They are open all days of the week.

Amara Nail Spa

With the aim to provide a long-lasting durable service to their customers, Amara Nail Spa provides only Gel polishing. From glitter and chrome designs to 3D and laser ones, Amara provides them all at INR 500. If you wish to extend the craziness with extensions, the cost for Gel Polishing goes to INR 2000 from INR 1000 for natural nails. It cost the same to give them a French look. Prior appointment is highly recommended. Their 3D styles are much loved by their customers. They are closed on Mondays.

Head to Toes

Though its location is a little concealed and hard to find, you won’t mind taking the extra mile, owing to their great service. Head to Toes provides exclusive nail art on appointment basis only. They are often known for their hot designs and impeccable services. So if you wish to give your nails a crazy hot look, you know where to look for. Their gel polishing is a little highly priced {INR 2700} and nail art there starts at INR 750. Even French style starts from the same amount {INR 700}. But their durability and unique style balances it out. Their services are provided all days of the week.