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Lush Forest With A Cavern: Why You Should Visit Shivthar Ghal


    Situated four hours from Pune, Shivthar Ghal at Raigad is a picturesque cavern amidst dense green forest and Sahyadri ranges in Varandha Ghat.

    What Is So Awesome About It?

    Although a number of buses ply till Shivthar Ghal, you can also drive till the foothills of the cavern. The fastest route is via NH48, crossing Varandha ghat. It is believed that Shivthar Ghal was once home to the 17th-century saint and poet, Samarth Ramdas and it was here where he authored one of the best compilations in Marathi literature, Das Bodh. Some historians believe, Shivaji met Ramdas for the first time at Shivthar Ghal before his campaign in South India.

    Historic and magnificent, this place is never overly crowded. You need to climb 100 odd steps to reach the main cavern. There is a beautiful waterfall and a temple outside Shivthar Ghal, that looks splendid in the rains. If you trek further up, you’ll reach a plateau with remains of a palace, built by Maratha king, Chandrarao More. On a clear sunny day, you can perhaps spot the forts of Raigad, Rajgad and Torna.

    If you still have time, drive till Bhor Rajwada, an erstwhile Maharashtrian Wada built by Pantsachiv Chimnajirao in 1869. The place is just an hour away from Shivthar Ghal.

    What Could Be Better?

    There is absolutely no network in the area.


    Head to Shivthar Ghal with the squad if you’re looking for a short road trip, an easy trek and a majestic scenery. Do stop by the roadside tea-stalls and enjoy the scenic views. Not to forget, there is no dearth of jumping monkeys there.