You'll Be Spoilt For Choice At This Shoe Store On J.M. Road

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Located on the J.M. Road and recently renovated, Shoe Box is a hub for all kinds of shoes for Women. Starting at INR 1250, this store is a one-stop-shop for all your shoe needs. Along with shoes, this store also has a number of cool clutches to accent your outfit for your weekend party. There are also shoes for everyday wear, gym wear and even slippers to wear to a beachy getaway. 

You'll be spoilt for choice at the store. You can pick up slippers, a must have in your wardrobe and they're available in all possible varieties. The store has chappals from simple everyday use to party wear pieces starting at INR 500 for the former and INR 1250 for elaborate ones. 

Stilettos are also a must have in your shoe box (pun intended). At this store, there are multiple options available starting at INR 1100. You will find simple ones, laced stilettos and various other styles.

You could also stock upon the sassiest pair of boots for that fab skirt in your wardrobe. They have a number of options available in ankle-high, keen-length, plains, suede, leather and all that you can think of. The store also has those fancy boots that have a string of lace going alternative from one side to the other.

Ideal for everyday wear to traditional embellished ones for a wedding, this store has a ton of jutti options. There are a number of them in various colours, designs, embroideries, etc. There are also some made with handcrafted cloth that look gorgeous on any pair of feet.

Need something for your casual wear? Check out their vast collection of canvas shoes. From graphic designs to plain cloth designs, this store has it all. Available in various patterns, colours and styles, their canvas collection is a must-have. 

Shoe Box is guaranteed to leave any woman spoilt for choice. It's your ultimate one-stop shop for shoes. So when you want to by several pairs in one go, it's the perfect place to visit.


We recommend stopping by during sale season, you're bound to get a good deal on the collection here. That way you can buy more than one pair in a visit!


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