Loot Point: We Went Shopping At FC Road For INR 2,000 & Look What We Got Home

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We spent a good couple of hours on Fergusson College road, reaping the benefits that its stalls have to offer and we managed to do this while staying under INR 2000!

Denim Shorts From Smart Casuals

The first thing we found was this pair of denim shorts. Almost too good to be true at INR 199, the shop also has a tailor who will adjust the hem to your liking. The best part was that they had pockets too! Good, deep pockets that can easily accommodate one’s wallet, phone, and keys.

Daisy Pyjamas

We found these daisy pyjamas phenomenally cute and quirky with their bright red colour and fun daisy print. At INR 150, being a couch potato never felt better.

Tassel Earrings From Hong Kong Lane

Is it even street shopping in India without earrings? We found these ultra-hip, bohemian tassel earrings at Hong Kong Street, a tiny alley off FC Road. At INR 100, these are perfect for anything from your best friend’s wedding to the next gig you’re going to attend.

Brown Faux Leather Sling Bag

We found this cute and very adorable sling bag at a little stall right on FC Road. A steal at INR 500 {which could go down with a little persuasion}, it promises to stay with you through afternoon chill sessions and wild nights at a club alike.

Afghan Earrings

Guaranteed to jazz up just about any outfit, these cute afghan-style earrings are a lazy person’s saviour when an effort needs to be made.

Printed Canvas Shoes From Hong Kong Lane

Revisit the comfort of your old school shoes, but with a trendy exterior. We found these cute printed canvas shoes at INR 250. Nice shoes don’t have to bite anymore.

Phone Case

We found this yummy-looking silicon phone case in shades of pink, for just INR 150. The icing on the cake is that it’s both water-proof as well as protective.

Pretty Pullover

This white pullover stole our hearts. A steal at INR 100, it can be worn just about anywhere, from a coffee date to a conference. And if we’re not mistaken, you’d find something like this shopping at any mall store, except that it would cost you a bomb in that case.


There isn’t anything quite as versatile as a kurti. Simple and elegant, it works for every occasion. We found a number of styles in different prints and colours, starting at INR 200.

Printed Skirt

When your weekends are full of nights of non-stop dancing, this skirt is your best friend. Elegant, yet light, it lets you dance with abandon, without weighing you down. Priced at INR 300, we believe these would work as a perfect day outfit too!