All Things Bright and Pretty: Check Out Shree Arts Signage In Baner

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What Makes It Awesome?

Who wouldn’t like to see their name lit up in a fancy manner? Or their brand’s name making heads turn on the road? (okay, not while driving though!) For any business, branding is key and with a signage that lights up, attracting more attention is common. 

This quaint little store on Baner Road called Shree Arts Signage makes your fancy dreams come true! Shree Arts specialises in making customised sign boards in LED lighting. From different fonts to different colours, they take down all your notes and execute them to the T! If you have a design in mind, take it down to them and explain what you want. They will then get a detailed understanding of your vision and give you samples.

You can either choose from the samples or the already readymade samples on display. The prices of each sign board depends on the size and the amount of detailing going into it so make sure you ask for an approximate quote. We loved their collection of multi-colour bold letters on a black background. It’s perfect for a quirky tattoo parlour or a fun salon. You can also get a name plate carved in wood with exciting designs if you are not into bright ones! 

The people at this store treat their customers really well and have insights on what might look good, in case the client is confused. 

What Could Be Better?

The location of the store is not very clear. You would have to look for it carefully while crossing the Baner Road. For a store that sells sign boards, they need to work a little on their sign board!