Add 100-Year-Old Collectibles, Vintage Cameras & More To Your Home

    What Makes It Awesome?

    On one of our regular sprees of shopping and finding hidden gems of the city, we stumbled upon a quaint and humble Antique store in Camp. Located in the lane next to Try Luck hotel, Silkyworld Antique Stores has vintage lights, cameras, collectibles and other knick-knacks that'll look great in any home.

    Vintage Lighters

    Of course smoking is injurious to health. But we couldn't stop admiring this vintage Pepsi lighter dating back to the 70s. And, there were over 20 such lighters in the store. Fully functional, you can get them refilled at any cigarette shop. This particular lighter was for INR 2500. After all, style does come at a price.

    Flash Lights

    At first when we saw this piece, we were wondering what this piece was. We late found out that it was a flashlight. And, it was so cool. There were various such lights in this store. And, this flashlight was for INR 1500.

    Antique Glass Flasks

    The store has a huge collection of glass flasks and bottles. You can easily find empty vintage alcohol bottles of various famous brands. However, we loved this green glass flask for INR 3000. This flask looked like something straight out of Pirates of The Caribbean and was indeed very eye-catching.

    Vintage Cameras

    We found over 30+ variants of vintage cameras too. We found ensign ful-vue, ultra fex, super altissa, zorki c and many such varieties starting at INR 1500. Photographers, if you'd like to collect these or improve your skill, you should probably invest in one of these. 

    Silver Car Box

    For keepsakes and trinkets, we found a silver-polished box, shaped like a classic vintage car. The upper part of this car, opens like a flap to reveal a space where you can keep a few small items. The same kind of box was also available in brass and each costs INR 4000.