Stoned Sundaes, Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream & More: Ice Cream Desserts in Pune You Must Try

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Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’ve got a sweet tooth {like most of us} and a penchant for ice cream, save room for these super cool indulgences.

Stoned Sundaes at Oh So Stoned

There’s so much to choose from at Oh So Stoned, one might even get a brain freeze just from reading their menu. From desi-infused flavours to classic combos, there’s something for everyone. Go all out, and try their Stoned Sundaes – you won’t regret it. Keep it PG with their Charlie & The Chocolate Factory {INR 129 for a small} and Coconut Jaggery Crunch {INR 109 for a small}, or live it up with their alcohol infused Rum Baba {INR 129 for a small} and Drunken Chikki sundaes {INR 119 for a small}.

Ice Cream Cakes and more at Havmor

An oldie but a goodie, Havmor ice cream parlours are reminiscent of a desi childhood gone by. We love their classic Ice Cream Biscuit Sandwich {INR 30} and tri-flavoured Cassata {INR 50}, but their Ice Cream Cakes {INR 250} look super tempting! After all, who doesn’t love the combination of ice cream and cake? Sounds like match made in heaven to us.

Classic Banana Split & Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich at Rock Stone Ice Cream Factory

Rock Stone also has their own selection of baked goods and Ice Cream Cakes, but what we’re itching to try is their take on a classic favourite – i.e. the Rock Stone Banana Split {INR 180}. We think that would make for a romantic post-dinner date dessert! Don’t miss out on their signature Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich {INR 150} either – available in two flavours, Chocolate and Butterscotch, though we are partial to the latter.


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