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Hang Out With Dinos In Lonavala As If You're In Jurassic Park

What Makes It Awesome?

You do not have to wait for a company like InGen to really clone dinosaurs to have a true cold-blooded Jurassic experience. There’s one park in Lonavala, and from the looks of it, the owner spared no expense. Dinosaur Park gives you a chance to know more about prehistoric creatures and has life-size dinos that you can gawk at.

It’s just 10 kilometers away from the heart of Lonavala city – a perfect location to house prehistoric apex predators. But all you vegetarians don’t need to fret as the park also has its fair share of herbivores, namely Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and a very lively-looking Stegosaurus too. As for the thrill part of the park, it contains life-size models of T-Rex and even the deadly Dilophosaurus – just don’t smuggle dino-embryos in heavy rain, cause they tend to spit in your face and eat you (haha, just kidding).

The park itself is spacious with plenty of trail to walk on, which means you can spend a better part of half a day in the park. It can particularly be a treat for young children who are fascinated by the otherworldly creatures that existed a hundred million years ago. There are even modeled dinosaur eggs scattered around the park, which can be an interesting sort of a treasure hunt for the young ones.

One of the main underrated qualities of this spot is that it is away from the hustle bustle of the town. It's nestled in the mountains with lush greenery all around it, so that means very low pollution. The location also is on the way to Pavna Lake, which means you can just extend your trip by visiting the lake side after.

The park has a well-stocked canteen in its premises that serves delicious smoothies and appetising snacks, which is very useful since the visit to the park can take hours and you can get very hungry, very fast.

And if you wish to take a break from the dinosaurs, there is a wax museum nearby that you can visit which boasts of 9D attractions!

To wrap it up, the park is a real treat, especially for kids. Just keep an eye out for the Velociraptors, the staff seem to lose them all the time in the bushes. They are, after all, clever girls.

The entry fee for the park is INR 250 per person.


Outside food is not allowed in the park and there are ATV rides too, if you're looking for some activity inside.

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