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There’s A Market In Dhanori That Does Daily Essentials And We’ve Got All The Details

From toiletries, curtains, glassware and plastic containers to all of your everyday commodities. If you'r setting up your home or just adding more to it, we found New Ghar Sansar Shop in Dhanori that has all your home essentials at really cheap prices. The prices were so cheap that we bought around ten commodities under INR 2000.

Plastic Containers

Something in your possession that even your mom will be happy about. At Ghar Sansar, you will find medium sized air-lock containers at INR 180. The best part is that they are going to last and are good to store your grains, pulses, snacks and other groceries. Also, you can send a picture to your mother and prove to her that you are taking the adult life seriously.


These guys have a whole bunch of the smallest yet important toiletries. You can find trays filled with tap faucets (the extensions added to taps which is made of rubber), fish-shaped soaps, toothbrush holders, scrub pads and more. These start from INR 20 only.

Bird-Shaped Fruit Pickers

We can totally say #ifoundawesome! These cute fruit pickers that we found were made of plastic and are thus reusable. What we really loved about them is that they were shaped like cute hummingbirds. If you are that person who takes hosting as seriously as Monica Geller, you need to possess these for that offbeat factor. And guess what? They cost only INR 70.

Popsicle Shapers

Summer is here and the wise will suggest you stock up on all the cool stuff. So, here’s a popsicle shaper that makes your popsicle look perfect if the recipe is followed correctly. You can find a set of eight for INR 130.

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