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Visiting The Aga Khan Palace? Brush Up Your History With These Little-Known Facts About The Place

What Makes It Awesome?

Planning to visit Pune's magnificent Aga Khan Palace? Apart from the beautiful architecture, this well-maintained site also has a hidden library where you can take a look at the treasured collectibles. The palace has hundreds thronging the place as it has a lot of intriguing elements associated. Here's a quick sneak- peek into its rich lineage. So go ahead and show-off your knowledge to your friends or family. 

Built For Employment

In the 1800s Pune and its neighbouring villages were suffering from a severe drought because of which there was no employment whatsoever. Thus, Sultan Muhammed Shah,  Aga Khan III, commissioned the construction of the palace for people to be able to make some money at least. 

Gandhi's Prison

When Gandhi was put under house arrest after he launched the 'Quit India' movement, he and his wife along with Sarojini Naidu and Mahadev Desai were put here. Kasturba Gandhi, breathed her last at the age of 74 and so did Gandhi's secretary Mahadev Desai.

Memorial For Gandhi

The room in which Gandhi had stayed, is still untouched. The room still has his pair of specks, writing desk, pens and possibly everything that he used during his arrest here. They have also kept things used by Sarojini Naidu and Kasturba Gandhi. The rooms also have photographs of the pre-independence period.

It Was Also A School

During the 1970s, the government of India had given this palace to the National Model School. This helped in encouraging more and more people to go and study.

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