Treat Your Taste Buds To Georgian Cuisine At Incognito In Baner

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What Makes It Awesome

I am a regular at Incognito, the outlet is located in Baner. This means that sure enough I have my favourites set out and that's what I tend to look for on the menu {sometimes I don't even need the menu!}. But then my last visit here was an experience of its new kind! We ended up trying some of the stuff on the menu that was just completely new and appetizing.

Here is all that we had - Khachapuri traditional, melted cheese in a naan accompanied with some dips. This is a traditional Georgian dish of cheese filled leaven bread with egg, baked in an oven. {It was a complete hit and was over in just a few minutes) It is something that truly won my heart!} The Mex chilli lime chicken, a chicken marinated with green chilli, cilantro, chipotle, skewered and grilled served with aioli {Yum!}. Gazpacho salad, a colourful Spanish creation with tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, corn, onions, black olives and croutons tossed!

Me being the chocolate lover just had to order the blackout chocolate mousse {a dark rich chocolate mousse with finest Belgian Chocolate, flavoured with triple sec}. Along with that for the non-chocolate lovers came classic mango mascarpone cheesecake {smooth creamy rich mango cheesecake with coconut and white chocolate coulis}.

What's My Pro Tip?

Make sure you keep place for desserts. They are to die for here! Also portions are large enough, so order just enough so that you can try a bit of everything.

Anything Else?

Over the weekends, it's best that you book a table and go if you don't want to wait for too long.

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